We are a small-animal veterinary practice, operating in Bentleigh since 1994.
DSCN1757Over the years we have grown to accommodate the growing number of new clients and staff, and new equipment. In 2002 we relocated to our current location, a large, newly renovated building in the heart of Bentleigh.
We have two consultation rooms, a hospital room to ensure your pet is comfortable during their post-operative recovery and two large surgery rooms, one of them a fully equipped and sterile operating theatre. We understand that a visit to the vet can cause some anxiety for your pet, so we attempt to ensure your pet feels safe and at ease in our spacious waiting area filled with toys and tasty treats. Our cat cages are cat-boarding areas are routinely sprayed with Feliway ®, a feline facial pheromone analogue which helps cats to feel more at home.
The practice was founded by Dr John Parncutt, and his family back in 1994.  But we are not all called John! You are just as likely to meet Heidi the vet, or Jason the vet, or Julia the Vet or one of our wonderful, caring and clever trained veterinary nurses.
The rest of our team consists of qualified Veterinary Nurses, Nurses in training and a Practice Manager. All of them are, of course, animal lovers - we have 29 pets between us! We will endeavour to answer all your questions and provide you with the best advise regarding your pets’ needs.